Why Choose Property Fusion?

With close to 20 years of experience selling homes in the area, we’re familiar with the market and area. We’ve seen almost everything, and are willing to put that experience to work so that you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable real estate experience.

Planned Marketing.
We do not wing it. We know when, where, and how we will be advertising your home. We have pre-planned expectations for the sale of your home, and will work with you to achieve those goals. We work very hard to watch the fluctuations that may occur in the market place so that we are always working with you to ensure the best possible sale price of your home in the least amount of time.
We work very hard to position our web site and your property high in the search engine results. This will help to ensure that it is easier for internet shoopers to find your property. In smaller communities where the local media has a captive audience we will also use those media sources to market your property.
We do not simply rely on the competitive market analysis (CMA) that most Real Estate Agents and Associates use. We work with you to price your home properly with the current market conditions and your own personal circumstance.
Past Client Referrals.
Approximately 65%-70% of our Business is based on Past Client Repeat and Referral business. This means that the people we work with not only appreciate what we do but they trust us enough to refer their family and friends to us.