Ugly Condos

With any condo-complex, there are some really nice units and some really not-nice units. The price on the unit usually reflects the amount of work needed on the unit. With a quick examination of the complex by your Property Fusion Realtor it should be fairly simple to discern whether or not the price being offered is attractive enough. If you are handy and are looking for a deal that maybe easy to upgrade and Ugly Condo might be the right thing for you. Remember sometimes the uglier the better. If unit has not had the carpets done in 20 years and another has done them 10 years ago…both are outdated and will cost the same amount to replace. But, the guy who did them 10 years ago may not see the logic in this and try to get a few more dollars for his unit.

Contact us now to let us know your price ranges and locations. We will then follow up with a list of “ugly condos” for you to look through!

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